Cheap, Clean San Diego Area Beach Digs?
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We will be in the SD area and are looking for a clean, cheap motel on the beach--or near the beach--or with a nice view. Details inside.

I asked a previous question about road trips to Arizona from CA, and after the great advice we got here, we decided to forego that trip and go south instead. We'll spend one day at Legoland (not looking forward to it but 5 year-old's been asking for over a year) and the rest at low-key beaches in the SD area: Leucadia, Encinitas, etc... (by the way, is Black's Beach still a nude beach and is it okay for kids?)

Can someone recommend a good home base place to stay that's on or near the beach, clean, cheap, and good for kids? We need no frills or fanciness.

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Black's Beach still a nude beach and is it okay for kids?

Yes and yes, although make sure they are prepared for a light hike down and back.
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Yacific Beachou are better off looking in Leucadia or Encinitas for a place on the beach. Ocean Beach also has some bed and breakfast places a few blocks from the water. As a general rule though, on the beach = expensive.
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(Grr stupid phone)
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What time of year?

You might look around VRBO, AirBNB, and Craigslist. I saw a fair number of pretty simple, not outrageously-priced places around Leucadia and Cardiff-by-the-Sea the last time I was poking around to see what was what.
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Thank you for the suggestions. We ended up in Pacific Beach the first night (Pacific Shores Inn) and Leucadia the other nights (Ocean Inn). Both are clean, basic places that served our needs well and Ocean Inn, especially, is extremely reasonable (not right on the beach, but we gave that up for the last couple of nights).

I had avoided SD area for years, assuming the giant amusement park thing had commercialized the whole area. I've been very pleasantly surprised--have found some spectacular beaches and quiet towns, not to mention some fabulous food (La Especial and Mozy's in Leucadia--we also found those thanks to AskMeFi). We're happy!
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