Most of a Sunday "stuck" in San Diego - what should I do?
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Next month I have a 10:30pm flight out of San Diego and all my mates are leaving in the morning. What lovely fun thing could I do that I could only do there? Or, never mind me, what would you do if you just had 12 hours in San Diego?

So, if you're really worried about what I like or dislike or do in general (but really, don't), I live in a sunny, sandy, beachy place, I love the outdoors, animals, geeky tech stuff, urban stuff, music, art, museums, water... life, really. I'm a big fan of life.
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Balboa Park has a ton of cool stuff!
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The maritime museum and Midway aircraft carrier are fascinating, and close to the airport if that helps. Up the way just a bit is the build site for the replica of the San Salvador. Not a lot to see from the outside but I think you can get in when the workers take their breaks.
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Go to the Zoo. It's pretty amazing and if you have a gloriously gorgeous day, I can't think of anything better to do.

The zoo is about preservation of animals, and if you take the tour, you'll hear all about enrichment and stuff like that.
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I would check out the zoo and sample craft beer that is unavailable near me . Brewery tours have become an industry there.
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3rding the Zoo and you can check out Balboa park at the same time since the zoo is in the park. It's pretty close to the airport, too.
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There are Giant Pandas at the zoo. You could also see wild seals at the Casa in La Jolla.
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You could do a day trip to Tijuana… It's, um, unique.
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nthing going to the zoo. I was in the same predicament as you and spent the day taking pictures of pandas and giraffes and getting a nice long walk in before my 5 hour redeye home. Be aware the zoo is mighty hilly. Not sure what outfits/footwear you have available, but make sure you aren't in anything uncomfortable. It was a lot of fun, even though I was by myself.
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Response by poster: To the zoo!!

Thanks so much, I will take your collective advice. Although Balboa Park and Midway sounds like loads of fun too...
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Best answer: As ghharr mentioned, the Zoo is in Balboa Park. You should certainly walk out of the zoo and take a gander at the Park because it's just plain awesome. If you're there on a Sunday, then walk over to the Spreckels Organ Pavilion which has the world's largest outdoor organ. The city organist plays a free concert Sunday's at 2pm. (And really, where else are you going to find a city organist?)

Across the way from the organ pavillion are the Friendship Houses which often have nibbles of food for a buck donation.

If you have a rental car, parking is abundant and free. If not, SD is an Uber/Lyft city. A ride back to the airport would be about 20 bucks in a cab and maybe 15 in Uber.
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