ISO long-lost band t-shirt
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Where to find rare band t-shirt from the 90s/early-00s, either online or in NYC? Specifically: Rachel's. Help me reunite a dear one with his favorite, long-gone thing!

Approximate secondhand description of the shirt: Rachel's black band t-shirt with silver/gray ink. Image is of a skeleton riding a horse.

Google is not yielding any Rachel's band t-shirts, when I know they've got to be out there somewhere! Am most interested in the one described, but other designs may cut it.

Used, new, online, in or around NYC. Will buy it off your back if need be, just tell me it's not a lost cause.
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Love that band. Looks like they're still active on their website. I would contact them directly and see if they've got any boxes of unsold merch in their basements.
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Try their old label too. If neither have any, they might be able to put their fingers on a high-quality JPEG of the image so you can print your own.
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Response by poster: Update: These leads led me to a person who led me to a person who ultimately led me to Jason Noble of Rachel's, who kindly went through the Rachel's archives and sent me 2 (!) tshirts & various memorabilia, asking for nothing in return.

The dear one in question was bowled over, making for a very successful sneaky birthday surprise.

Jason's kindness will not be forgotten!
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