"More Soap, Please!"
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Does anyone remember the "more soap please" room service story?

Somewhere on the blue, a few years ago, there was a comment in a thread in which the person described staying in a hotel and leaving tips for room service with notes asking for "more soap, please!" He would stockpile all the soap in the room safe. It was an utterly charming story, and I have been searching for it to no avail.

I am currently staying at the Bellagio for a week, working a large conference, and attempting the same thing. When I described it to a co-worker she thought I was a little bit nuts (not that that's unusual), and I want to be able to point her to the original story.
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Best answer: This?
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Response by poster: Two minutes. Nice!
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On a related note, there's also the old no hotel soap story, featuring a guest with very much the opposite philosophy to herrdoktor.
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Soap? It's the bath gel that's valuable.
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Response by poster: I've been at the hotel for a day and a half, and so far I have acquired ten small facial bars, one larger bath bar, and two really nice round bath bars. Not a bad start.
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Ask for (more) matches. I usually end up with tens of packs after a few days stay.
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Soap? It's the bath gel that's valuable.

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