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Hi. I am looking for short clips, simple games and odd divertisements to play with my 21 old month baby on the computer. She has the normal short attention span that kids her age have, and is pretty proficient already with the mouse and with her iPad. Here are some of the things that currently amuse her (your suggestions do not have to be anything like these): Snake in the grass, Kaleidoscope, Dog and another, Gifs, Fireworks, Cyriak, hair, Fisher-Price, Elephants swimming, etc.

In the past, I used to have a huge cache of such sites, but most have now died.
Thank you.
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Response by poster: I should point out that she has many iPad apps for babies and loves them all. I am looking for PC games we can play on the desktop together
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Best answer: Darn, I clicked on [more inside] thinking you were gonna share more links! Ha ha.

Anyway, I remembered the interactive spider but couldn't remember if my kids liked it or just my cat. I think both.
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Possible chatfilter, and certainly not answering the question, but: your daughter is 21 months old and she has her own iPad? Maybe she needs less screen time--more time with real dogs, less with video dogs. I didn't even watch television until I was 4 or 5 years old. At less than two years old, babies should be learning to deal with the real world, not a two-dimensional simulacrum; they'll have plenty of time for that later on in their lives.

That said, I think Michael Bach's Optical Illusions website would be fascinating to explore with a baby or young child.
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Mod note: This is a straightforward question - please take screen time debates to email or MetaTalk if necessary.
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Best answer: Do you know about Starfall? The games to the right (pumpkin, snowman, gingerbread man) etc are great for littlies who can use a mouse, but so long as the work out to click whatever sparkles, they can keep themselves entertained with the rest of the site too.
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I came in here suggest Starfall, but it appears obiwanwasabi beat me to the punch, so I'll just second it.
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Best answer: Google Peep and Chirp games - there are some great games on that website. My toddler loves them.
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Best answer: Maybe the Orisinal games? A lot of them have pleasant effects to click on, even if you don't win the games.

Also, it's been my experience that kids like looking at other kids - so perhaps some cute baby videos?

Or an online pet?
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Best answer: FWIW, around the time my kid was nearing 2, I had knee problems and finally introduced the screen, and at first we watched nothing but orchestras on YouTube. Eventually I took her to an hour long Beethoven-for-children concert; there was no issue with a short attention span, just a slightly audible "Again!!" every time the music died down. We learned lots about different instruments.

So my advice is, if you've got to do this, put the channel on stuff you want her to like in real life. I still 'program' things that way -- we're having a reptile-zoo-at-your-house thing for a birthday party, and while I'm typing this the nearly-4yo is watching YouTube videos about crocodiles and snakes.

I have also used it for French instruction; my deal with spazzing out in front of cartoons is "Okay, if they're in French," and I sit there and translate the odd word and phrase. has some games and French-language video and I recommend "T'choupi et Doudou" if French is of any interest... I have an iPhone app called "Feed Me" that we like, a bit advanced for 21mo though, but you could try "Little Pim" for foreign-language app stuff.

Try, now or...later. What does she already know, as that will let people suggest based on whether she can skip the ABC and shape and colour stuff, or, if that would be useful?

My experience with a 2yo was that she was willing to watch anything so long as Mum explained a bit, so we watched the moon landing, bits of historic speeches, Elvis Presley, listened to Steve Reich... There's lots of "baby friendly" stuff out there but they get on fine with the grown-up stuff and are, I think, better off with it. I saw a bit of "Baby Einstein" on YouTube and my jaw hit the floor; I could not believe somebody would park a baby in front of such daft stuff when they could have been listening to MLK or Mahler.

What you are doing right now will be not only normal but likely highly desirable -- demanded -- in the years in the near future, so beware of dumbing it down. Avoid at all costs something that will encourage demands for shoddy toys; pbskids is pretty dubious in that regards, but it does have its merits. Definitely supervise as there is a lot of junk for kids on the web; I remember encountering some weird factual errors in one "Sesame Street" flash thing you'd think would've been reliable, but, no.
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Response by poster: Thank you. More please, like the ones marked as 'best. I now remember Orisinal, and yes, we have PBS Kids marked.
I'm surprised at some of the negative comments (which were deleted): I asked about names of games & apps, not about how to raise my kid. But just to clarify: Her use of computers is limited & controlled (most of the time). We don't have a TV, so the web is the only source of digital info. The iPad is not exclusively hers, but one she shares with her mom (you can knock me with a feather when I watch her using it, she is so adapt, it's un-freaking-believable). She has tons of real toys, both wooden and plastic & we play with them most of the time, as well as 'real' stuff outside the house. We are both 24 hours with her, so we give her personal attention all the time. She can already read about 150 words (thank you, Baby Can Read). We also 'indoctrinate' her with lots of higher-brow stuff, classical music, beautiful experiences, art, etc. so it's not only farting rabbits & unicorn dance parties. We are very aware of the need for positive eduction & controlled information.
Anyway, please add more relevant stories & info if you will.
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Best answer: My little guy adores the games on zefrank, especially craymachine and meditation flowers
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The little girl I nanny loves kneebouncers, in particular the dog races. We also occassionally let her play on the sesame street website - she loves to watch the muppets dance.
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Best answer: I'm late getting to this, but my daughter turns two this weekend, and I've been looking for a lot of these things myself, since she wants to be a part of daddy bringing his laptop home from work, but my stuff's boring.
By far the biggest hit for all of us has been Toddler Flashcards for the iPhone. I've tried a lot of apps, but that's the golden one. She also likes Bubbles, Peekaboo Barn, Wheels on the Bus, and Baloonimals.

Back to the computer, some good suggestions here, thanks. I'll add Boohbah Zone, Boohbah Dance, BabyAnimalz, and Bembo's Zoo. NickJr. has a lot of content. Kneebouncers has some free stuff. Oh, and Fungooms!

I don't get the naysayers either. It's not mindrot; quite the opposite, it's new and more powerful tools. My daughter's one and trying to read.
Take care Hanan!
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Response by poster: Peeka-boo Barn....
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