Straw hats can be awesome, where can I find one in NYC?
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For all its niceties, the downside of internet shopping is that its sometimes hard to just find an actual store that has what you want. I want a straw hat for the beach this week (yay vacation!), and want to find the store in NYC has the best in-store selection. I am a guy. I need to try them on, because my face and head are unforgiving of hat's that just don't work. I'm not even sure of the exact style will fit me best. I can look real bad or totally ok easily. Would like to spend under $100... where should I look, fine folks?
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I've had pretty good luck actually at tatty chain stores like Marshalls and the like, for cheap, serviceable straw hats. Also the chain sporting goods stores, like Sports Authority. Just ignore that they sell them as "Golf Hats". Prices around $20-30.
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Best answer: Try

- JJ Hat Center, 310 Fifth Ave at 32nd St.

- Bencraft Hatters, 4202 13th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11219 and 236 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11211.
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The only hat store I've ever liked is The Village Scandal, whose online shopping pages leave one guessing, unfortunately.
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Before going to a hat store look online at straw golf hats. I wear one around town that I think (and have been told) looks good on me, but I neither play golf nor usually look good in hats.
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Response by poster: Got one, bencraft hatters... nice little joint, thx.
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If you are in the neighborhood, the Daffy's on 18th between Fifth and Broadway has GREAT hats for men. I know this because chemo has rendered me hairless and man hats work better for everyday, inconspicuous-but-cool and cool headcoverings
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