Windows program that allows see but not touch
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Is there any windows program that allows to see the desktop or allow programs to be seen and password protect if any modification is needed.
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I think RealVNC gives you that level of control on the server side.
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UltraVNC will do this too - you can set up separate passwords for view only vs. view and control. Of the RFB-based solutions, I like UltraVNC because it comes with a nifty mirror driver that reduces server-side CPU load almost to nothing and makes RFB work responsively enough not to be irritating; other RFB solutions I've used are insanely laggy by comparison.
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For workstations or server consoles, you may want to google "Clear Screen Saver" or words to that effect - there used to be one in the Windows 2000 Resource Kit.

I had a guy at Rentacoder (now make me one for Server03 a couple years ago, ten bucks in 30 minutes. Feedback from that community indicates that I overpaid him.
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I was looking along the lines of "Clear Screen Saver", However I cannot find a place to download it. While looking I also found E-motional Transparent Screen Lock Pro which is payware but should do the job. Is there anything else anyone knows of.

Thanks for the suggestions
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Oh, you want this locally, not for remote control?

Try KidKeyLock.
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