SPOILER ALERT: This question contains spoilers for The Sopranos
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Quick timeline question about The Sopranos season four (spoilers inside)

I just finished S4 of The Sopranos and I'm wondering (approximately) how much time had passed between the death of Bobby's wife Karen and the Ouija Board incident that Janice set up/hooking Bobby.

(I know this is probably pretty searchable, but I've managed to stay spoiler-free for 10 years and want to keep it that way!)
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A few weeks. Janice was never the big thinking, long con player, although she pitifully thought of herself that way, from time to time.
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Good question. The show isn't completely clear about it, so you're not missing anything big. I would guess 3-6 months. (I've seen the entire series 3 times so...)
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A few weeks. Hell, Dead Karen's frozen ziti was still edible.
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Response by poster: Thanks, I thought that arc only covered a few weeks, but I guess I was a little surprised that a plan like that would work so quickly. I wasn't over-thinking that part too much, I just wanted to make sure I put the season in the right time frame.

And that ziti may have been edible, but my first thought when she took it out was that it was too bad no one ever re-wrapped it to avoid freezer burn!

Oh, and thanks for that link, paulsc. I didn't event think of checking wikipedia for specific episodes.
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Response by poster: I spoke too soon. Sorry, the young rope-rider. I thought you said 3-6 weeks.
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For what it's worth, The Sopranos is one of those shows that's very vague on timelines. So I don't think you'll find a canon-based answer, all we can really do is guess.
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Response by poster: Well all the big markers are there (like Meadow going from high school to college) so it's close enough for me. It's funny that out of 50 episodes, this was the first incident that shocked me enough to try to rationalize it.

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