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Explain to a country kid the etiquette of smooching in the city.

The girl and I find ourselves (stuck?) in DC for the weekend. We are two nature-loving 20-something country kids who grew up rather sheltered.

Where does one go in DC(or any large city for that matter) when we just want time alone with each other. Preferably without anybody giving us dirty looks. At home its easy to find the dark quiet places, but I'm lost in the city!
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Do you mean you want to make out somewhere? Do you not have a hotel room?

If you mean you just want to have quiet time together, DC is one of the best places in the country for aimless wandering outdoors. Lots of monuments and parks and such. Or you could go to a coffee shop or a nice restaurant if you're looking for a date-type situation.

I am a little confused by this question.
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Cities are great for hiding in plain sight. You could smooch all day in the middle of a street and people might not pay much attention.

Moreover, you've got many more choices such as quiet pubs/restaurants, the back side of Lincoln's armchair, etc.

Don't sweat it.
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Maybe I (and everyone else I know) was just there at a bad time, but there never seems to be anyone at the Jefferson Memorial. Go there and get your smooch on.

That said, I live in Chicago, and I see people making out everywhere all the time. Even on crowded trains! No one seems to care. Just don't get in anyone's way, and you should be just fine.
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Are you going to just um, make out? Who cares? It's the city.
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Rent a hotel room.
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I'd think it is a little bit rude to make out if you're within, say, indoor-voice-conversation distance of a stranger, but otherwise, I can assure you that there is something like ten times more interesting going on for people than you making out. Like a cloud or perhaps a mailbox.
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Go to the National Arboretum; you can be really, really alone there. Home base would be in sight, so to speak...
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Kiss on the subway! Kiss on the street corner!

Lean against a wall in an alley and kiss there too. Sneak into a single stall restroom together and make-out with abandon. Find a quiet corner in a bar and lean in close. Sit on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial and lock lips. Stand in front of the Capitol and remind our legislators what love looks like.

Wander through the Smithsonian and whisper seriously of important things and then burst into the sun and kiss because you can.
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Are you talking about lay-on-a-blanket, hand-up-a-shirt makeout? How about Rock Creek Park?
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This is what DC's parks are for.
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Do not touch anything you find in a big city alley.
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Do what I did when I was there in college: Lincoln memorial, 3AM.
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I think parks are good for this. If you were making out in front of me at a bar, I would think it was drunk and gross (you did ask about etiquette).
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Go to the National Gallery, the old building, upstairs. Some of those rooms have big comfy sofas. A guard and a few tourists may wander through; ignore them and they'll ignore you.
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@whimsicalnymph -- I just quoted you as my fb status. Your comment is one hell of an accidental poem
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All the world loves a lover.

Really, this is one of the virtues of cities: if strangers see young lovers making out, the usual reaction on the part of onlookers is to politely ignore it, or maybe to just smile quietly to themselves.

Nobody cares. Nobody's going to yell, "Hey! Knock if off!"

Have a nice time.
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Don't make out in the National Gallery. The world is not your back seat. Go to the movies. Go to the parks. Walk along the towpath. Tidal basin. And not on escalators.
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Children's playgrounds at night were the classic place among this city kid's friends when we were teenagers - awesome if they have a little fort or walled structure for privacy. Or the top of the slide is a (slightly cramped) option.

no harm, no kids should be there at midnight anyways. Just don't leave anything behind.
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Agreed about parks! Here in Philly, if I were to see you making out on a random street corner/monument/in a bar, I'd scoff and think, "get a room, ya horny kids!", but in a park I would think it's sweet. Grab a blanket, a bottle of wine, and some fruit, and make it romantic!
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Roosevelt Island! Any park, really.
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Even the Mall is a good place (and outdoors).
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It's always rude to smooch in public. If you have a room to go to, go there.
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there never seems to be anyone at the Jefferson Memorial. Go there and get your smooch on.

Just make sure you don't dance there while you're smooching.
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