Documentary about crossing Greenland
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Help me identify (and hopefully watch) a documentary about people walking/skiing across Greenland and visiting an abandoned DEW station on the way.

Searched for but could not find this film I saw on UK terrestrial broadcast sometime in the 90s/ Early 2000s. At one point they visit a decommissioned, empty radar station (presumably one of the DEW stations?)

Any help appreciated.
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Perhaps it's Greenland Quest? Haven't seen it -- only googled -- but it's been around since 2008/2009 so possibly wrong timeframe.
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interesting one. I'd like to see that too. As I recall the journey in 'my' film was in a West/East (or the reverse) direction.
Thanks for digging that one out, but I don't think it's the right one.
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I have got this on VCR tape, it is pretty amazing. Looks like you can view it here (Greenland Traverse - 1995)
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Thanks canoehead - I'm guessing that your VCR copy shows the bits where they wander about in the decommissioned radar station and note that it seems to have been abandoned in a real hurry? - those bits aren't on the snippets you've linked for me, (thought they look great).
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That's right, I recall that sequence.
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Guess I know what to look for now, then. Thanks very much.
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