Help me figure out what my new job title should be.
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I'm primarily an art director and I manage the look and feel of both online and offline assets for my company, in addition to creating original art for print + web, doing user experience design, and managing our art asset library. However, I'm also going to manage the online marketing (email newsletters, ads, and the like) and social media (blogging, Twittering, etc.) My boss and I are trying to think of what my new job title should be. Any suggestions? Art Director + Social Media Manager is too long. Director of Online Marketing & Design?
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Creative Director?
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Creative Director / Content Strategist
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Art & Message Director
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How about "Creative Department"?
'Cause, it sounds like you're doing it all by yourself.
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Director of Art & Media
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@Thorzdad yup, I am basically my own department. Sigh.
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I was the lone creative at my last job, too. I just called myself "The Art Department".
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Creative Director & Customer/Social/Media (pick one) Outreach Coordinator

It might sound long, but you wear a lot of hats; and quite frankly in the grand scheme of long business titles, all of the ones you listed are cake.
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Perception Director
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Director of Brand Management or
Director of Brand Identity
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always fun when you get to come up with your own title.

how about Creative and Communications director or Internet Communications & Design director, iComm & Design for short :).
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Advocate for the title that you think will be most useful when you apply for your next job.
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Corporate identity manager
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If you are primarily an Art Director, then your title should be Art Director. Nobody is going to look at you askance if you turn up to a meeting about Twitter and, having surveyed your business card, demand to see the Social Media Director.
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@obiwanwasabi, social media and online marketing is a huge role within a company. It will now make up 50% of my workload. I will be more than an art director and deserve a title that matches my responsibilities.
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