looking for furniture online
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looking for well made inexpensive online furniture resource

I'm looking for non-particle board, well made furniture to order online...any suggestions?
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Ashley Furniture can be searched online, I don't know about ordering it directly online but you can probably order it over the phone to the nearest store and have it delivered to your house. They have many locations in the states and Canada, well-made and inexpensive.
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It would help to know what your definition of "inexpensive" is. Not intended to be snarky, but it's a subjective word.

I think a lot of Crate and Barrel's furniture is inexpensive and well made but others might say it's too expensive for them.
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What's your definition of "inexpensive", and what style are you looking for? Room & Board has well-made, not-too-overpriced furniture mostly in a "modern" (as in mid-century-ish) style. It's inexpensive compared to how much well-made modern furniture often costs, but significantly less cheap than, say. IKEA (though of substantially higher quality).
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There are a few options depending on your comfort level with being handy and finishing/building items. Groff's Furnishings up in Doylestown is a great place to check out. By far not the fanciest store, but they have excellent items that you can finish or pay someone to finish for you. I've gotten several pieces there, when I was living in the Philly area, and I have been very happy with them. Depending on your comfort level you could call them up and order them or make a quick trip out to the store and physically see what they have. They are great to work with.

I also make custom furniture and have been doing it for about 20 years. It's a hobby I have a great time doing. I'm willing to make some pieces for you for cost. You would just have to pay for the wood, joining materials, and any specific tools that I would need. I have made several different types of tables, beds, and other items. MeMail me for specifics if you are interested. I'm even willing to teach you how to do some of this stuff if you're willing to come up to my lands or cover my gas for the trip to Havertown.
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Response by poster: we'd like to purchase them totally finished. maybe 200-300 per piece?
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It is probably not realistic to expect to purchase new, well-made, solid wood, fully finished pieces in that price range other than small pieces like a small bookcase, an end table or a dining chair. Thrift / vintage stores or craigslist may be a better option at that price point.
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