Help me name this movie / TV show from the late 80s
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I have been trying to find the name of this movie or TV show for years, and have come up empty every time. I only remember vague details since I saw it when I was little: it was scary (to a little kid), and it featured bugs that would burn people.

>> I'm not sure if it was a movie or TV show. All I remember is that the babysitter let us watch it (and she probably shouldn't have).

>> I was fairly young when I saw it, so I'm guessing it was from the late 80s.

>> I'm guessing it was a horror movie because it scared me. I remember one scene where someone was asleep in a bed. The bugs (I remember them looking like beetles) crawled onto this person while they were sleeping, and burned them. I seem to associate the bugs with lightning bugs, so maybe the glowed?

Sorry I have so few details. Like I said, I was pretty young at the time. I just remember being scared to sleep for weeks after I saw it! I know it's a long shot, but does it sound familiar to anyone?
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I read The Hephaestus Plague when I was a kid...maybe they made it into a TV movie?
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Spacewrench, it was made into a movie, yes. I'm not sure if that's the one geeky's looking for, though.
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Best answer: Could it have been Bug, produced by the great William Castle?
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Response by poster: Bug definitely sounds like it could be it! I've added Bug to my Netflix list to see if it's the movie I remember.
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For sure. It creeped a bunch of us out at a kiddy birthday party sleepover. Sometimes, when one of those acid-burning bugs jumped on someone, we'd be so caught up in the film that we'd actually knock the bug off ourselves as if WE were the ones experiencing it. At one point in the film a bug landed on the back of somone's hand and every one of us either smacked our hand or smacked our hand against a chair or SOMETHING.

Heh! Why was that movie so effective on kids?

Yup, it had to be BUG!
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