Help me find some good movies that give you the warm fuzzies
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moviefilter: Can you recommend a movie(s) that has fairy tale type magic in it. By magic I mean movies like Secondhand Lions and Big Fish for example. Movies where what seemed at first a fairy tale ended up being the truth or things of that nature. Finding Neverland and Hearts in Atlantis also have that particular type of magic. I guess another way to describe it would be magical things happening in an otherwise normal, realistic setting; nothing animated or set in an alternate universe. Not sure how else to describe it so I hope this makes sense. :)
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Pan's Labyrinth
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Wonderfalls (the tv series, only 13 episodes)
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No recommendations, but for future reference you may find the term "magic realism" helpful.
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Oh, I'm a fool. I do have recommendations. Pushing Daisies (tv show) and Amelie (movie with not a ton of this, but a little. Very whimsical otherwise.)
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august rush had some of this.
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-The Orphanage (it will either give you warm fuzzies or terribly depress you, depending on how you look at it!)
-The Fountain
-Simply Irresistible
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Dreams. Kurosawa. Love this movie.

Also, Wim Wenders! Wings of Desire is a beautiful movie. Also, Faraway, So Close.

And Being There.
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Edward Scissorhands had a bit of that quality, and I'd suggest Pleasantville as well...
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Son of Rambow has some fantastical elements in which a boy's imagination is brought to life for the audience.
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L.A. Story.
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Big, Chocolat, O Brother Where Art Thou
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The Green Mile, The Illusionist, The Science of Sleep
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Ha, yes, L. A. Story. :)

I liked Magic Hunter, but it appears not to be a universal taste.

Going down the more obvious "magic realism" route, Like Water for Chocolate.
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The Milagro Beanfield a
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I second Simply Irresistible - it had a sweet, mystical quality to it. I was very pleasantly surprised by it.
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The Secret of Roan Inish.

Also the Princess Bride, and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Yes, I mean it =)
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Bridge to Terabithia
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The first film that came to my mind was Atanarjuat (The Fast Runner) because you can absorb its story either literally or allegorically and its works both ways. It's also quite beautiful.
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The 10th Kingdom, even though that's a tv mini series, still very good though and I think it meets your criteria very well...
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Nanny McPhee is set in a real world, although the sets and costumes are a bit fanciful. At it's heart it's about an overwhelmed widower who can't adjust to life without his wife. Who just happens to get a Nanny who's a witch.
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Holes, a really solid adaptation of a really good book, and a sterling example of magic realism. (Though, it almost goes without saying, the book is better.)
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Amélie and Like Water for Chocolate spring to mind immediately (having just added those to this question).
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The Fisher King and The Adventures of Baron Munchausen, both are directed by Terry Gilliam, who is a master at this genre.
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What Dreams May Come and A life Less Ordinary both might fit your bill
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I'd actually disagree with BRIDGE TO TERABITHIA, at least, I would if it follows the book. (I'll admit I haven't seen the film, but read the book to death when I was eleven.) The "magic" in TERABITHIA is squarely 'just pretend' -- it's a realistic-feeling, but still imaginary, play world that the kids make up for themselves. But in the book it never really crosses into "wait, it's real after all", as I think the OP is looking for.

But, again, I haven't sesen the movie, so I may be wrong about the movie itself...
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The Butcher's Wife
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Harry Potter involves magical things in an otherwise realistic world.

Roald Dahl's The Witches. A lot of Dahl's books involve this, actually.
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the Milagro Beanfield War, old but still good.

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Thanks for all the suggestions. I appreciate it.
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Joe Vs. The Volcano. The weirdest, most inspiring mix of fairy tale and real world ever. By Oscar- and Pulitzer-winning writer John Patrick Shanley.
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The Water Horse
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Possibly a bit weirder than you were asking for, but The Adventures of Baron von Munchhausen.
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I'll add The Price of Milk". Quirky, magical. Here's the trailer.
Like Water for Chocolate,
Fanny and Alexander.
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Field of Dreams (magical realism + baseball + James Earl Jones = win)
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Another film by Terry Gilliam, Time Bandits, has a very similar fairy-tale feel. The only drawback is the somewhat-less-than happy ending.
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Tuck Everlasting & The Secret of Roan Inish
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You could go older with the wonderful A Matter Of Life And Death or Bell, Book and Candle.
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