Twitterfilter: URL for unique tweets only, no retweets?
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Twitterfilter: What URL will return original tweets with the #muckreads hashtag? (unique, filtering out all retweets, old style & new)

This URL gets rid of the old style "RT" retweets:
but it still gives me 1 (new style) retweet for every original tweet.
Presumably I'm overlooking the obvious; how do I get only the original tweets?
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Using the advanced search, you can include tags, exclude RT, and don't check the "Include Retweets".
posted by blue_beetle at 9:35 AM on July 27, 2011

Hmm...yes, that works for the Q I asked, but not for the Q I meant (sorry); so to rephrase my Q -
how do I get this list of unique tweets in RSS format?
(i.e. "search.atom" will likely be in the URL)

I don't see anything in the "advanced" page to request a feed.
posted by ahaynes at 9:49 AM on July 27, 2011

You probably can't get that RSS feed via a Twitter search function because "we no longer directly support RSS feeds on Twitter." The links there may help you do what you want to do. See also.
posted by beagle at 11:15 AM on July 27, 2011

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