Someone who can rewire my lamp in Brooklyn?
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Rewiring an old rusted lamp in Brooklyn?

I have a few items that need to be rewired, thanks to my lovely chompy bunny who thinks they are delicious despite having fancy toys of his own.
Do you know where (preferably not too far from Park Slope) I can have this done?
I have a car so I can bring the things to a shop, or I could call someone to come over and do it for me.
I think this is more than a regular handyman job, but I don't know for sure.
Any personal recommendations?
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I would ask for personal recommendations at one of the small hardware stores on 5th ave. They probably know most of the handymen in the neighborhood.
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Are you open to doing it yourself? It's actually really simple (and safe, so long as the lamp is unplugged). It's one of those things, like changing a light bulb, that there's no sense in paying someone else to do.

You can get a new cord at any hardware store. There are lots of instructions online.
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Thanks mudpuppie, but unfortunately this is beyond me as the main lamp I want done has these weird bolts and stuff and is all rusted over so I think I need some real help.
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I've always been intrigued by the Fixers' Collective at Proteus Gowanus, although I don't have any personal experience with them. You might (understandably) be more interested in getting your lamps fixed reliably than participating in a unique social experiment. But I thought I'd throw it out there anyhow!

On a more practical note, I've always found the staff at Tarzian hardware on Flatbush Avenue to be helpful. Maybe give a call over there and see if they have any suggestions.
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On further searching, some of the Fixers links appear to be dead. So perhaps the collective is no more.
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Unless you've got a way to keep bunny boy from chomping again, I wouldn't bother getting the lamps rewired, I would just splice on a new cord. It's super easy.

Also, these cord covers are really great when you have a house rabbit. The flexible plastic ones we had were just an invitation to more destruction, though they were safer for the bunny that straight up cables.
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I'm willing to try an rewire it for you if you want to drive to manhattan with them.
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rmless: "Thanks mudpuppie, but unfortunately this is beyond me as the main lamp I want done has these weird bolts and stuff and is all rusted over so I think I need some real help"

But you're only fixing the wire? it's as simple as matching the cables and splicing/soldering them. Unless there's something else wrong with it other than the cable, there's no reason really why you or any handyman couldn't do it.
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