My iPad won't play iTunes movies all the way through - help!
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I get a movie through iTunes. I start the movie. The movie stops unexpectedly halfway through. How come? This is on an iPad.

My Google-fu is weak, as searching brings up no answers to this question, and the Apple discussion forums are similarly bereft of answers. This is an original iPad, running the latest publicly available firmware.

Help, please? I'd like to watch movies! :-)
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Any movie, or a specific movie file?
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I've had this happen with specific movies, but not with all movies. In the case of specific movies, it's a problem with the download being corrupted. You have to ask iTunes customer service to refund the cost of the movie, remove it from your device, and then buy or rent it again. I understand this is a bit less likely to happen, and easier to fix, if you download the movie using iTunes on your computer and then sync it to the iPad.
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@maxim0512: Aha! Yeah, it was a specific movie. And it wouldn't surprise me, either. I'll go ahead and try that, see if it works - thanks!
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I've had this problem when I was running low on disk space.
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Seems like a common glitch. I've downloaded music, ebooks and apps with no problems, but I recently rented a movie and I can't download it to my Macbook Pro, either.

I've contacted support twice since July 1st and so far nothing's working. I'm thinking there's a problem with the actual item in question, as my laptop's running Leopard with the latest version of iTunes and 140 gigs of memory available.

The movie I attempted to download was The King's Speech, in case you are running into the problem with the same movie I am.
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@misha: yes, same movie.

everyone else: most likely, it was a corrupt download. My roommate and I re-downloaded the movie to our iMac, then synced it to the iPad. It played fine the second time around.

Thank you for the quick and cogent help - you all are awesome!
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In case it helps anyone else with this issue, when re-downloading didn't work, iTunes suggested removing the "SC Info" folder.
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