Ein furnished flat in Berlin, bitte
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What is the best way to rent a furnished flat in Berlin?

I'm moving to Berlin from Toronto at the end of August (hooray!). My plan was to find a furnished flat for Sept 1 to last through the first few months, until I can figure out neighbourhoods / gather furniture.

Does anyone have any recommendations for non-Craigslist sites to search for sublets / non-scammy brokers? It's just going to be me at first (a grad student) and my boyfriend will join along in October - so, short term corporate leases aren't good options (we need more than just a single expensive room).
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so, short term corporate leases aren't good options (we need more than just a single expensive room).

Oops. To clarify, I mean that the types of aprtments geared towards short-term business trips would probably not be good, not that I am opposed to renting from some sort of corporate landlord-type.
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How's your German? Lots of people use this site:

Or you could try airbnb.com.
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9flats is a Euro equivalent of airbnb. I've never used either, so no endorsement implied. I also get the feeling that they're meant for much shorter terms than you're looking for, but it might be worth a look.

Alternatively, maybe something through your uni? I can't imagine you're in a completely unique scenario, and they'll at least be able to advise you re: neighbourhoods etc.
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I came in also to recommend www.wg-gesucht.de -- lots of sublets and rooms for rent, and most postings seem to be on the level.
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I've heard good things about Crocodilian.
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Thanks for the recs so far! My German is currently nicht so gut: is wg-gesucht.de just for finding roommates or are there non-flatshare sublets available too?
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There's both. You can search for a WG-Zimmer (room in a shared apartment), a 1- or Mehr-Zimmer Wohnung (1- or more-room apartment) or a Haus.

Some more vocab, just in case:
Miete: rent
Nebenkosten or NK: utilities (sometimes a listing will refer to a rental as "cold" or "warm", which simply means the cost without or with utilities)
Kaution: security deposit
möbliert: furnished
saniert: renovated
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möbliert: furnished
Thank you, the_blizz! That's wonderfully helpful.

And there are a few solid leads on Crocodilian. I'm optimistic!
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Oh, and to clarify - my uni suggested that I check craigslist. So, no, not exactly helpful.
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Thirding wg-gesucht.de, and also studenten-wg.de is pretty popular - they even have an English version of the site, which I've linked to.
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Ah, just realized I messed it up - it's wg-gesucht with the English version of the site. Here is studenten-wg's (German) site.
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Follow up: I got a place through Crocodilian. As a bonus, the agent who facilitated the entire deal was incredibly patient, helpful and kind.
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