Where are the local music stores in Houston?
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Houston Filter: Where are the local music stores hidden?

Life gave us lemons - I had a brain tumor and now need to travel from Austin to Houston for my treatment at MD Anderson every two months.

We decided to make lemonade - Mr. BuffaloChickenWing wants to explore a new music store every trip while I go to my appointments.

He is a guitar player. He has learned over the years to appreciate vintage and boutique equipment. However he does enjoy well stocked local mom and pop stores as well.

Mr. BuffaloChickenWing is an electrical engineer, so he often purchases nonworking equipment off of craigslist and fixes them up for his own use. I add this in case there are unique local music stores that sell used equipment that may require repair.

Houston questions in the past were more about things to do, and things to do with a toddler -all very helpful . We want to know specifically where the local music stores are as we already have access to the big chains in Austin.

Thank you.
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Rockin' Robin Guitars is only a couple miles away from MD and is a Houston institution.

Good luck with the treatment! You'll be in excellent hands.
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Awesome suggestion katemonster! We are open to suggestions for other areas in the city.
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The best ones are:

Rockin' Robin
Great Southern Music (way out on Hwy 6; may be too far for you)
Infinity Guitars
Guitar Center (don't bother unless you just need something quick and cheap)

Fuller's and Rockin Robin are going to be your best bets. The rest usually just carry the standard line of bottom level brands.
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lets see... I am none of the above, so no idea on quality, etc.


http://www.cactusmusictx.com/ (comes with music)

those two are a half block from each other. There is also on Shepard some sort of guitar/electronics/surfboard store, between black dog and cactus. For this part of shepard, it can be one way/specialHoustonStreet, so the best way to get to black dog is probably by going north under 59 or turning off the access road.

http://www.domystore.com/houston/ may have music. Dunno. But its certinaly odd :)

there is a guitar city on westheimer.

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Sorry you have to come to Houston, and I hope we can take good care of you!

There are a lot of hidden music stores around.

Music Go Round

Brook Mays

Music and Arts

For sheet music, there's Dowling Music on 59.
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Seconding Fuller's. A lot of really cool stuff. Closed Sundays.
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I know you said guitar, but if you're looking for stuff off that path then there's Melody's Traditional Music and Harp Shoppe in Cypress. I'll admit that I've always been too lazy to actually go there though, we just mail-order what we need.
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The last trip we visited Rockin' Robin Guitars. It was a perfect fit for us. They had a wonderful selection of vintage equipment. My husband really enjoyed seeing an L4 and L7 they had on hand.
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