Best resources for intensive Powerpoint lessons.
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Powerpoint: Best resources to get good fast?

I understand the basics of Powerpoint (primarily because I use other office programs and am generally computer literate), so I can figure out enough to put together a basic to reasonably nice couple of slides - but it will take me a whole day and a more in-depth look would show glaring signs of a novice.

This is because I use it once a year max and never had any training with Powerpoint.

I am looking for the best resource(s) for me to learn and practice in a short intensive period. Ideally, I would spend 2 full weekend days on this.

I'm a novice with Powerpoint, but I would appreciate especially value resources that assume a Microsoft Office user's knowledge (ie not too much detail about the very very basic).

What would you recommend that I use? A book, videos, online resources, a combination?
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Edward Tufte.
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If you are computer literate, the Microsoft online tutorials (select your version of Powerpoint) are actually a decent starting point.

And, as you get proficient, remember these two rules:
1. Keep it simple. Avoid those garish templates, fancy bullet points, and clipart for the sake of filling up space.
2. Don't use Comic Sans. Ever.
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Beyond Bullet Points - blog and book.

Also, Presentation Zen - blog and book.

Remember: more is less.
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Steal This Presentation has several good tips on designing a powerpoint presentation.
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Steal This Presentation -- do what it says on the tin.
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The Presentation Zen book is the single best thing on presentations I've ever seen.
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I would suggest Duarte with Slideology and Resonate which focuses on the message. Her blog is worth a read too.
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