Delicious Santa Fe lunch delivery?
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Lunch delivery in Santa Fe?

I'm in Santa Fe, New Mexico, volunteering in efforts related to the Los Alamos-area fire. Some people have been here for a few days without sleep or significant food, and I need to find a cafe that can bring me/us lunch. Most of us are from Los Alamos or Albuquerque so we don't know much about local places.

Who in Santa Fe delivers delicious lunch? Websites with menus would be great.
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Dashing Delivery delivers for many of the restaurants in town. You can check out the menus at their site. Back Road Pizza, Bumble Bee's (burritos), Counter Culture (sandwiches, salads) or The Cowgirl (burgers & BBQ) are probably your best options for lunch food everyone can enjoy.
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Bumble Bee is amazing! I get cravings 5 years after leaving Santa Fe. Mmmmmm..... Lamb Quesadilla...
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