sporadic meal delivery in Chicago as gift?
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I would like to give my parents some type of meal-delivery as a gift for Christmas. Ideally I would like to do a once a month type thing (like wine of the month or something related but with food that doesn't have to be prepared beyond popping in the oven) but everything I find is more like a diet delivery service, like Seattle Sutton, that requires a weekly commitment. Can't afford that! My parents live in the north suburbs of Chicago. thanks!!
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Is Schwan's food delivery available in their area? Last year one of my siblings got my parents a Schwans gift certificate. They are not web-savvy so I created an account with my email address and would log-in and arrange a meal delivery periodically. Most meals are frozen when they arrive on the porch.
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HomeBistro appears to be gourmet (non diet) food distributed by DineWise, and their site says (if you scroll down): "Our friendly and knowledgeable customer service staff can customize your auto ship meal plan, set up a weekly, bi-monthly, monthly, or customize a delivery plan that is convenient for you and your budget."
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Sendameal.com also offers a Meal of the Month club.
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Some etsy sellers have "of the month" clubs, and there is an edibles section. I didn't notice any full meals, mostly snacks like cookies or breads.
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I came to recommend Schwans as well. Someone gave us Schwans deliveries when I broke my leg and they were awesome!
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Zingerman's is also less "meal" and more "interesting edibles," but they have some interesting options.

You could also put some custom packages together and delay delivery; their customer service people were great when I had an issue with my Bacon of the Month Club shipment :)
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Response by poster: i knew you guys would have great ideas. THANK YOU !!!!! I think we'll go for Sendameal.com, one time ordering sounds too easy and not too pricy when splitting with my sibs.
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The caterer we use at a work advertises a "gift a meal" service just like you're talking about, with free delivery on orders over $25. This isn't in Chicago but I'd look for small catering operations in your area (ours is a one woman company) that have similar offerings.
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In Park Ridge, on Northwest Highway, there is a shop called Perfect Dinner. They have fresh cooked meals with a monthly menu. For a minimal fee they deliver and the food is excellent!
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