Where to buy Asian-style sleep pad?
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Where do I buy a sleeping mat?

Like what would be used in India or Japan? The kind you fold up and stash in the closet when you wake up in the morning. I tried purchasing one of the expensive ones from J-Life International but it's actually quite heavy. I am thinking of those mats that fold in 3.

Searching google for sleeping mats or futons either takes me to camping websites or to the big heavy futons.
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Your profile doesn't say where you are. It would be helpful to know that in order to find a supplier that ships to your country.

Have you considered a Korean Yo? They are perfect for putting away in the morning.
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Where are you located? Asian grocery stores/department stores carry these in the US. I know of one in particular called Assi with several locations in the Philadelphia metro area.
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Oops, I guess what I meant was there are several large Asian markets like Assi that sell what you're looking for in my area. If you go to a Chinatown or a suburban store like this one, you'll find what futons.
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Response by poster: Oops, sorry! I am located in the US, north of Baltimore, MD.
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Response by poster: Oh, and yes I would also like information on where to buy a Korean Yo (that will ship to US).
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I've seen that tri-fold cushion mattress at Costco.
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Sorry to pop in again. They sell Korean bedding at Assi in a variety of colors. It might be cheaper to make a day trip to one close to you.

I only know the one near Philadelphia, which has a housewares department. The one in MD might only be a grocery store, but mine sells everything to set up a Korean household.

Note: I am not a shill for Assi!
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You're probably best off buying in the US, but you can buy a Yo from Korea if you want. The linked site takes foreign credit cards, Paypal etc. and delivers internationally.
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