Looking for neurologist & acupuncturist in Washington DC
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I'm looking for recommendations for a neurologist who can test for carpal tunnel syndrome and an acupuncturist who can treat it. Must be Metro-accessible in DC.

Basically what it says above! My primary care doctor has diagnosed me with carpal tunnel, but wants me to get nerve conduction velocity and electromyography tests to be sure. The neurologist she referred me to is not on the Metro, and I don't have a car. I would prefer someone in Northwest but am willing to travel most places that are close to a Metro stop or major bus line. I'm also interested in seeing an acupuncturist for treatment. I have Care First Blue Cross Blue Shield. Any recommendations for good providers would be very appreciated.
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Not a personal rec, but a lot of NW docs are affiliated with GW. They take BC.
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I'm not sure whether he's BCBS (do they cover acupuncture? wow!), but for acupuncture I highly recommend Dr. Sen Huang. He's very good, and Metro accessible via Foggy Bottom.
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I would recommend trying to find a hand surgeon instead of a neurologist. They should be able to do any necessary diagnostic tests and will know much more about upper extremity injuries than a primary care doctor or a general neurologist. You might also discuss the effectiveness of acupuncture with the hand surgeon. Clinical trials have not shown that acupuncture is an effective treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome.
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You want to see a hand surgeon. I saw Dr. Edwards at Georgetown University Hospital, and he was fantastic. He gave me a referral for the nerve conduction test, which they did in the same building. After looking at the results, he determined that I did not, in fact, have carpal tunnel, but rather nerve impingement in my elbow and shoulder. He then spent some time going through my options with me. I'm currently in physical therapy and wearing splints at night, which is really helping. So I'd recommend that. We talked about acupuncture, and he agreed with grouse that it is not clinically shown to be an effective treatment for this kind of injury. I decided to go with proven treatments, and they're working.
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I saw hand surgeon Dr. Richard Barth at his 2021 K Street NW office, which is close to the Foggy Bottom Metro.
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