Identify song about "trees on their knees" from a 1990s mixtape
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Please help identify a song, or a band that played it - lyrics are below. It was on a now long-dead mixtape made in the mid-90s by a San Francisco resident, so I've always thought it was a San Francisco or Northern CA band, but could be wrong. The singer was female, an alto, IIRC, devoid of vibrato; the band had a pair of violins and a couple of acoustic guitars and employed different tempos within this song. The lyrical focus was ecology.

Lyrics I recall:

And on the map
There's a big gray square
They said don't worry, there's no water down there
And I have a friend
Who talks to the trees
He says I've never seen
Trees on their knees.

Does this ring a bell with anyone?
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Response by poster: I hate to leave this hanging all lonely and unanswered. Last week someone on a music thread said it was the Bedlam Rovers, and that sounds right. The song doesn't seem to be on Frothing green, but may be on Wallow, which I just found for sale. If anyone knows for certain what this above song is, please post!
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