Hop usage outside of beer?
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What sorts of non-beer foods/recipes might benefit from some hops?

I've a couple ounces of hops left over from my last batch of beer. They aren't types I typically use in my recipes so I don't want to stash them in the freezer just to forget about them. What are some good (non-beer) uses for 1 to 2 ounces of hops?
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I've heard of people making a hop-tini, but have never tried it.
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pellet, or whole leaf?
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This might give you some ideas...
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Off the top of my head:

Infuse spirits with them. Make herby, hoppy cocktails.

Infuse a simple syrup with them to eat over fruit.

Steep them in cream or milk for ice cream—I think this could be really nice with honey as the sweetener, maybe a brown butter element.

Use them very sparingly as an herb accent for eggs.

Or in pan sauces for meat—I think a mustard/hop sauce for chicken or fish might be great, or a lemon/hop cream sauce.
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If you do use it with cream, I would suggest infusing the cream and not adding it directly to the sauce as it is very bitter and astringent. This way you can control the amount of hop flavor much better by controlling the amount of cream you add.

I agree that, in very small doses, it could pair well with chicken or pork. I don't see it going with fish very well.

It might go well with game meats like boar nicely.
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Perhaps you could infuse them in a mild oil for a few weeks, using the hopped oil to flavor bruschetta, salad dressings, and other uncooked oil applications.
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You might find some recipes using hops here. Also, there's a hop fried chicken recipe here.
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Bread dough. It'll be delicious.
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Since I hear that hops are similar to the flavor of pot, this article might be of interest. I don't know if the substitution would be 1:1.
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How would you get them into the bread dough -- infusing the water, or just throw some in?
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Just mix in the mashed hops with the flour. You'll want to use more yeast, since the hops will make the dough heavier. This requires experimentation, but it will make a richer, sweeter bread.
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