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what store/brand sells mens dress shirts that do not require tucking?

most dress shirts have long flaps front/back to they stay tucked.

some shirts dont have such long flaps and look good even if you leave them untucked. (optionally you can still tuck them).

but such shirts are hard to find, i think. I'm looking and i'm not finding them! I see guys wearing them on the sidewalk all the time tho, so i know they're out there!

is there a reliable store (or brand) that has shirts that dont require tucking? (ie, have the shorter front/back flaps)?

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Response by poster: btw, can be either casual shirts or dress shirts but I meant "button down shirts" in particular. Either long or short sleeve doesnt matter.
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Penguin is pretty good about this.
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Hurley has a lot of button down shirts like this.
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Depending on your size, I've had good luck with buying my boyfriend H&M button ups. They tend to have a longer "slim" cut though, so better for taller and medium to smaller sized guys. The "flaps" are the perfect length to leave out (I don't know that bf has ever actually tucked one in...).
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I like H&M and Kenneth Cole for more casual dress shirts.
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Ben Sherman.
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H&M do, though the quality's not that great. The Gap. Possibly Old Navy. (I'm quite small and Old Navy seems to run bigger than the Gap (or there's no slim fit), so Old Navy long sleeve button up shirts don't really fit me.) I've got one shirt from LL Bean that I'll wear untucked, but a bunch that definitely seem too long for that.
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A strong second for the Ben Sherman recommendation. I have also had no-tuck luck with H&M but agree that their quality overall is sometimes in question.
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Highly recommend Caribbean men's shirts, esp. if you have a bit of a stomach.
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H&M for sure.

Also, you can get a decent seamstress/taylor/whatever to turn any shirt into what you're describing very, very, very cheaply, along with any other alterations you may need or desire. This negates the need to shop with specific brands.
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In a clothing store, the shirts that are wrapped in plastic and pinned are going to be the ones with the long tail designed for tucking in. Any shirt hanging from a rack is going to be of the shorter tailed casual variety.

As far as brands, I am partial to Lucky.
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I've had good success with Banana Republic's "slim fit" shirts.
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Thin Red Line's slim fit shirts are designed to be worn tucked or untucked, are pretty spiffy, and are often steeply discounted, even when you take shipping into account.
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My husband prefers his button-down shirts untucked. He does not wear slim fit shirts. Most of what he has is Old Navy (cheap, but they wear out fast), some Michael Kors (great quality, they wear like iron), and Calvin Klein. I find the more expensive shirts for him at Winners/TJ Maxx/Marshalls, and yes, the shirts that look good untucked will be hanging from the racks, not pinned to cardboard and wrapped.
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Uniqlo also have a lot of these.
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I believe the phrase you might be looking for is "box cut"
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Indeed, box cut is the magic phrase.

Also try REI, they have a lot of summer button-downs in this cut. Bonus, most of them don't require ironing.
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Response by poster: thanks all, very helpful.

i was walking around jcrew store recently and they seem to have a lot of 'box cut's too.
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