Where might I find a certain quote from the end of Midnight in Pariswithout having to see it in the theater again?
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Where might I find a certain quote from the end of Midnight in Paris, the new Woody Allen film, without having to see it in the theater again?

I'm looking for the quote towards the end of the film in which Owen Wilson's character talks about how great living cities such as NYC and Paris eclipse manmade art and how, particularly if there is no other life in the universe, contemporary Paris is probably one of the greatest places in existence. I wonder if one can find the screenplay online in some surreptitious database? Anyone who points me to the right place gets a gold star. Thanks!
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You might keep an eye on the Memorable Quotes page for Midnight in Paris on IMDB. There's nothing there yet, but as the film's release rolls out it'll no doubt show up.
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Found this, but I'm not sure if it's exactly what you're looking for:

"Gil: Because this is unbelievable.. there is no city like this in the world.
Inez: You are in love with the fantasy.
Gil: I'm in love with you."

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Response by poster: Thanks Telpethoron. Not the quote I'm looking for-- this is from the middle of the film, I'm looking for a longer one from towards the end-- but I sincerely appreciate the effort.
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Try asking this question on the movie'sIMDB message board.
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Download it
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Chances are someone will read this, see the movie within the next few days, and pop in with the perfect answer. As of right now there are no copies available on any of the illegal sites I visit (although there ARE fake copies containing viruses) and no scripts either. Also, typically it takes a bit more time after release for a script to become available.

Aside from checking the IMDB quotes section as well as the Rotten Tomatoes equivalent, it might pop up on Tumblr.
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