Name that indie band.
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Name that band: I think it was a Toronto indie rock band with a music video that was comprised entirely of stop motion figurines that were either lego figures or something similar. The song or the band name either used "horse" or "pony" or "sparkle" in the name because my brain keeps telling me "sparklehorse" though I know it's not them.

Pitchfork posted a video of them years ago and I remember enjoying the band and their catalog, and now it's completely slipped my mind.

I'm pretty sure they were from Toronto. It wasn't Broken Social Scene or any of the Arts+Crafts bands because I just checked the website.
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This most likely isn’t it (unless you’re completely misremembering the details), but when you mention Lego figures, the first video that came to mind is Fell In Love With A Girl by The White Stripes.
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Response by poster: Definitely, 100% was not White Stripes - this was not a big band by any means.
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Any chance you're thinking of Pony Ride by Bumblebeez 81?
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Seconding the Bumblebeez 81 track Pony Ride. And it was cut'n'paste stop-motion.
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Were they Playmobil figurines? Castaway by Camphor is made from Playmobil dioramas.
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Best answer: Darkhorse by the Toronto band Uncut
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Response by poster: Yup Uncut was it! Thanks a ton!
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Just for fun, here's another Toronoto Indie band that did stop motion figures using rocks: Working Full Time by The Constantines.
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