What is this plant?
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What is this plant? See photos: This one and this one

Pictures are of the plant in question growing in the Tampa/St. Pete area from seeds brought down from Wisconsin. I am taking some seedlings home with me to Baltimore and need to know what they like and where to plant them.

Thanks in advance, all you brilliant MeFites!
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Best answer: Castor bean.
posted by Bruce H. at 9:31 AM on May 28, 2011

Best answer: Yep, castor beans. You sometimes see them in dc growing as weeds, so I don't think you'll have a problem growing them in Baltimore.
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Also, the seeds are poisonous, so keep away from children and pets.
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Do NOT eat the seeds.

My husband almost died years ago from eating them-his buddies had kiddingly told him they were edible and before they could correct him it was too late.
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Yes, castor bean. And yes, poisonous - please plant it responsibly.
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Best answer: Posted too soon - I was going to add, seriously poisonous, not just "don't nibble the poinsettia" poisonous.

We used to have them in our back yard here in Toronto, because they're beautiful and grew to fifteen feet tall and provided privacy and shade; but once I had a kid, I quit them because it's not just an "upset tummy" kind of toxin in them (leaves and seeds), it's pretty serious stuff.
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Response by poster: Super duper--thanks, all! I will keep it in a big pot so's I can keep the seeds under my watch. I don't want anyone or any pet getting sick.
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The original source of ricin, in case someone isn't clicking through the links.

Grew it one year as a kid. Made my parents nervous.

Now, as a grownup, castor oil makes me nervous.
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