Can I buy a plastic removable bubble window to replace the glass rear window in a Toyota 4runner?
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Where can I get a plastic removable bubble window to replace the glass rear window in my Toyota 4runner?

The motor keeps wearing out, now the glass is broken. I don't want to spend any more money on that rear window. I just use my 4runner for farm-type errands.

I can't just leave it open in the winter.

So I thought why not just attach some kind of removable window like I have seen on boats. A snap on kind of thing.

Can I buy something like that?
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If there's something ready made like that then you can probably get it through JC Whitney. They have live chat feature on their site that let's you ask a rep directly.
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What year is the 4Runner? I doubt anything is available off-the-shelf, but it would help to know which 4Runner you have.
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Cut a sheet of plexiglass, install snaps on the plastic and on the car. snap it on and off as needed. (you could run some foam along the edge as well to seal it.
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It is a '94 4runner. Thank you for the answers so far.
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My memory from the owners manual of my old 4Runner (which also had problems with the rear window -- it's a design flaw that Toyota never solved) is that it warned you not to drive with the rear window open, because an open window would pull in exhaust fumes. If that's correct, your idea might be less ideal.

But if that's not the case, I'd suggest visiting an auto upholstery and canvas shop (or a boat one) and have them make you up a window out of flexible vinyl, like on soft-top Jeeps. I think that will be a lot easier to deal with than a bubble or plexiglass window.

However, it will also probably cost about as much as repairing the current tailgate (or getting a new one from the junkyard), especially because it will instantly drop your truck from "ok" to "beater" in terms of resale value.
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J C Whitney didn't have anything. I called my local Auto Glass shop and they couldn't understand why I would want to do that. I called a local boat upholstery shop and they said sure thing. So I am going to stop in there for an estimate. I'll post here with details if I get this done.
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Be forewarned that Lexan (or, Plexiglas) scratches very, very, very easily. Like, touching it with your fingers while it's dry and dirty will leave light scratches. It's not a huge issue in boats because you rarely need to see through them as you would a rear window.
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