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Is there a name for this pretty typographic presentation? Is there a way to get a print of it?

I'd love to get some typography themed art on my wall, but not sure if there's a name for what I'm looking for. Sort of like a study in a particular font?
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Wikipedia's category hierarchy suggests "typeface sample"; for instance, here's an article on monospaced fonts exhibiting the same style you're looking for. Some of the linked image descriptions also use "typeface specimen."
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type specimen
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Yep, specimen. (Also, hey! I'm famous!)
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Different specimen, but free - 80 page download from David Berlow.
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OddHero does some great typographic prints that may interest you, even though they aren't straight typeface samples.
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They're great, I think I'll pick up the Futura. It's only...


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Like others have said, it's a typeface specimen. The user who created them left this message explaining the technique (short version: he makes them in quarkXpress). You could download the SVG versions from wikipedia and have (a) somebody with a color laser printer (b) a print shop print out large versions for your wall; this would almost certainly be cheaper than the 380$ above.
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Totally did it! I've got 4 20x24 prints (Caslon, Gill Sans, Didot, & Akzidenz-Grotesk) framed and mounted. .svg files are AWESOME!
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