San Diego: outdoorsy edition
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In San Diego for the week. Where can I find outdoorsy stuff to do?

I'm on vacation from the east coast and would like to spend my days outside. Any suggestions?

Some additional info:
- budget is flexible. I'd pay up to $100 bucks for something I can only do in SD
- I'm a big fan of running/hiking
- bonus points if I can meet new people
- kayaking, camping, outdoor festival suggestions would be awesome
- we have a car and are staying downtown

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For hiking, Iron Mountain: route1, route 2
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Surf lesson.
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Balboa Park is a wonderful place to walk around and see both indoor and outdoor sights, and here's a daily calendar of events. The park is large and varied enough that you could spend a whole day there: hiking trails, botanical gardens, the zoo, etc.

Also, I am a fan of the Silver Strand between Coronado and Imperial Beach. It's a bike and pedestrian path along the beach, with nice views of San Diego as well as the ocean.
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How about something like this kayak tour? I haven't gone kayaking, but I enjoyed snorkeling.
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I like Torrey Pines State Preserve. It is a pretty tame trail but I like the mix of the hills and varied plantlife and always having the ocean right there.

Inland there's also the Mission Trails Regional Park. Great mix of trails to run/hike on. Can get a little warm in the afternoon.

This week looks like it will be typical May Gray weather with a marine layer that should burn off by noon and cool at the coast. Inland it should be warmer and sunnier.
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La Jolla Kayak

I also liked renting bikes and riding up and down the beach near Pacific Beach.
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Florida Canyon is great for feeling outdoorsy within the city. Easy hikes, but pretty this time of year. Seconding Torrey Pines. Also Julian, up in the mountains away from the city.
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Seconding Torrey Pines, I have heard it described as California's most beautiful beach.
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Kayaking around the caves at La Jolla Cove has been on my to-do list for years, as has snorkeling with the leopard sharks. May is still a bit early for mating season, but they're here year round, so you'll probably still see a bunch. While you're in the area, you can also check out the seals at the Children's Pool.

Nth-ing Torrey Pines. There's actually great hiking all over the county, but that's probably the best combination of scenery and accessibility for you. If you've got a free day and the energy, Three Sisters is an awesome hike out by Julian. It's fairly strenuous though -- good shoes and lots of water are musts. It should be a nice time of year for it though. Then, on your way back, you can stop in Julian and get delicious pie. Cedar Creek Falls is another option -- the trail is less treacherous but just as dangerous (or maybe more so) dehydration-wise. Both reward you with swimming holes at the end. Please just be smart -- I've seen people do stupid things at both places. Waterfalls are NOT water slides, and there are sharp rocks at the bottoms of the pools that will cut you up when you jump off giant boulders.

If you're interested, there's a pretty nice disc golf course at Morley Field. Also, if you're still here on Saturday, we're having a meetup in North County. We're bowling though, so decidedly not outdoors.
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Response by poster: As an update: I completed the silver strand bike route yesterday and it was awesome. I can't wait to try all these other suggestions.
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Mt. Woodson hike is challenging and super scenic.

Bring sunscreen...
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