Kid-friendly celebrity costume
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What famous person should I dress up as for an elementary school costume day?

I ask not because I know so few famous people, but because there is so little cross-over between who 4-to-10-year-olds think are famous and who adults think of.

So, I want ideas that kids will 1) recognize 2) think is awesome and 3) I have heard of. (Note: I'm female.)
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If it can be a fictional famous person, Ms. Frizzle from the Magic School Bus books. Justin Beiber, otherwise.
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Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana?
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Princess Leia.

Episode IV, not Episode VI.
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Best answer: CLARA BARTON. I went as Clara Barton for my third grade biography project, and it began a lifelong love affair for me with the Red Cross. She is so cool. Not only did she start the American Red Cross, she was it's first president (as a woman, no less! In the 1880s!). She served as a nurse for the Union army during the Civil War, but refused to turn away wounded Southern soldiers who needed care. She was good buddies with Henry Dunant, who came up with the idea of the Red Cross and formed it into the Geneva Convention. And, before she started all of her nursing and Red Cross badassery, Clara Barton was a teacher.

Costume is easy; forget a period dress and all of that (expensive, time-consuming) foolishness. All you need is a cloak, some Red Cross swag (your local chapter will be more than happy to supply you with pins and pamphlets if you explain what you're doing), and to pull your hair back into a matronly bun.

Kids may not recognize her, but the Red Cross logo is (first of all completely and totally non-religious, if that's a concern for public schools) something all the kids should be familiar with.
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Is there someone who dresses very distinctively in the school? (The art teacher, librarian, principle, etc.) You could always dress up like them on that day so you can be their "twin." They might not be famous, but certainly everyone within the school should know who they are.
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Best answer: ???
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Does this have to be a living celebrity? Can it be a character (like Princess Leia or Pippi Longstockings)?
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Best answer: The Duchess of Cambridge.
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Mary Poppins, Little Bo Peep, Pocahontas, Cleopatra. I like the Clara Barton idea, too.
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Pippi Longstocking?
Malia or Sasha Obama?
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Dora the Explorer
Dora may be too young since it's a show aimed at pre-preschoolers. Still cute.
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Fictional: SpongeBob
Jack Sparrow
Hanna Montana (Note: Miley Cyrus has a line of clothing in WalMart, which is available in Junior sizes.
Sue Sylvester, or another character from "Glee".
"Lemonade Mouth" seems to be the hottest new thing on Disney, and Olivia seems to be the hot character.
Something from Toy Story.
A Bratz doll.
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Also - totally inappropriate, but they probably all know who Katy Perry is, unfortunately.
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Betsy Ross
Laura Ingalls Wilder
Annie Oakley
Marie Antoinette
Rosa Parks
Anne Frank
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Seconding Ms. Frizzle!
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If only, so cool: Eve from Wall-E.
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Harriet Tubman
various female Disney princesses
Susan B Anthony
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Best answer: Amelia Earhart. Mia Hamm. Lady GaGa.
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Lisa Simpson or The Statue of Liberty
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Sandy the Squirrel
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Response by poster: Needs to be a real person, as much fun as a character would be. Bonus points for any answer that includes ideas for what details make the costume, like the Clara Barton one. (I'll make the costume/draw from my stash of halloween stuff.) Like, how would I look like Mia Hamm? Or what's the easiest Lady GaGa costume to make at home? What would make an adult look like Miley Cyrus or Justin Beiber?
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Response by poster: Is there anything distinctive that I could wear to be the Duchess of Cambridge? The Royal Wedding has been pretty big at school...
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Best answer: Duchess Catherine - the ring is iconic and you can buy knockoffs. Dark hair worn loose, eyeliner, dark, shaped eyebrows and a fitted dress in a solid color. A tiara would cinch the deal. If there's a Clare's or other store that has cheap, gaudy accessories (no offense) they'll have tiaras, and probably the knockoff ring.
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Response by poster: I have a tiara and fitted dresses. And thanks for the ring pictures -- I made my own out of blue and silver star stickers, nice and sparkly. I think this'll be fun.
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Cool - please post pics; it sounds like a lot of fun.
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And, on re-read, you have a tiara... Yeah, good costume choice.
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