Daily checklist app for WM6.5?
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Recommend me some sort of daily checklist (with a 'notes' section) mobile app that can export data or sync with Outlook. The catch? I run Windows Mobile 6.5.

So I'm not even sure how to get a usable Google result on what I'm looking for. What I want is a daily checklist with space for notes, preferably one where I can go back and add info to previous days when necessary, and ideally searchable. I want an app, or an Outlook plugin, or even just a Pocket Excel workbook with macros and formulas built in, or *something*, that will run on my WM6.5 phone and either export data to something I can open on my laptop (txt, csv, whatever) or sync with Outlook so I have a backup of my log.

I want to have a simple way to track health things like medication compliance and how I feel. I want export and searching because like to keep records long term and compare data sets over time, including against some older records I already have.

(Also, it's not preferred, but if you have something does this but only runs on a full Windows install rather than mobile, I'd still like to hear about it. And if you track things like this and have a better way to do it rather than in a checklist format, I'd like to hear about that too!)

Obviously free is better, but I am willing to pay for an app if it does what I want. Any suggestions?
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I use Evernote. It's not exactly a checklist app, but I use it as such, as well as just general note-taking, and to keep things like an updated grocery list. It is compatible with many platforms, so it's worth a look. After writing a note on the service it uploads it so that the online interface and your mobile version are synced.

The basic version is free, but the premium version keeps an archive in the cloud and has features like making pdfs searchable. Might as well give the free version a spin and see if it works for you.

Here's how to export your data, by the way.
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What about OneNote?
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PhatNotes or SmartphoneNotes should work with Microsoft ActiveSync to synchronize Outlook notes. They aren't free, but trial versions are available, I think, so that you can test them out and decide which works better for you.
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This isn't an explicit software recommendation, but these guys do a lot of personal tracking which sounds like you might be interested in - Quantified Self
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So, I didn't find anything that does what I want, but looking through the suggestions here and at Quantified Self, I got a lot of good ideas as to the details. I think I will end up either using a web service of some kind (Google Health or a menstrual calendar setup) or patch together something using Outlook post to folder or macros in an Excel spreadsheet.

If anyone spots anything else, or wants to help me build, or wants instructions/a copy of what I build, just mail me.
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