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Help me identify and categorize my musical interests and expand my horizons in the process.

So I'm obsessed with songs like these: Home by Marc Broussard, Tightrope by Janelle Monae, Rolling In the Deep by Adele, I'd Like To by Corinne Bailey Rae, and Get Your Way by Jamie Cullum. I'm not very music savvy (I'm kind of a "I like what I like" kind of kid) but I'm desperate to know whether or not these songs fall into some kind of genre or two so I can expand my collection of really awesome music because this stuff electrifies me.

What am I listening to, genre-wise, and what other artists and songs might I like?

*For what it's worth, I usually gravitate towards Motown, Surf Music, Sinatra, Beyonce, and Dave Brubeck-esque Jazz.
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Also, Cee-Lo's Forget/Fuck You also falls into this category of love. SO much love.
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I don't know, but the way I've expanded my music is to make Pandora stations off each of those songs, then make your "Quick Mix" combine them, and see what it comes up with. I've found a lot of great music that way.
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You might like Duffy.

This track by the Noisettes (not all of their stuff is like this).

You might like the fantastic album Cape Dory by Tennis, which has the same retro sound (although more sixties surfy mellow)

Maybe Noonday Underground?

There's this track from Madness (give it until the woman singer comes on, Rhoda Dakar)

I think of much of this as being new soul (not Tennis). I don't listen to a lot of the new US stuff (Monae is great, though!), but I love the UK Northern Soul revival. Amy Winehouse, obviously, too.
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a term you might try searching is "blue eyed soul" - it's a term that originally meant soul sung by white people, but has become a catchall for soul with pop influences. you'll find marc broussard, amy winehouse, joss stone, duffy, adele, and jamie cullum on the list.
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Little Dragon
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You could probably have a field day working through the Numero Group's catalog, especially in the Eccentric Soul portion. I've found some pretty amazing songs/albums over there, and while it isn't as 'blue eyed' as some of the other soul you're listening to, it's pretty fantastic and not at all stale.
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Ooh, okay. So soul/funk seems pretty close to what I'm going for so far. Thanks! Any further suggestions for new songs to listen to would be greatly appreciated!
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Seconding Pandora. You don't even need to create separate stations, you can add artists to an existing station. I am a music junkie. I have over 75,000 tracks on my hard drive, and a few thousand CDs. I have scoured the pages of allmusic and amazon for reviews and recommendations, I subscribe to a bunch of music blogs and tune into various college radio and streaming stations for new music. And still, most of the new music I find that I really like, I find through Pandora.
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Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings.
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