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Where should we eat vegetarian brunch in Baltimore tomorrow?

I'm in Baltimore for a few weeks for work. Ms. Cheerwine is in town to visit. We're looking for a good place to get vegetarian (eggs and cheese are fine) brunch with a good to decent bloody mary tomorrow morning. For some extra snowflake status, I love all things egg-related, but she prefers non-egg, savory brunch fare- think grilled cheese, rice & beans, etc.

Bonus points for anyone who can recommend anywhere else I should eat/drink/go/see while I'm in town. I'm mainly in the Mt. Vernon area but have a car and don't mind driving a bit.
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I love the brunch offerings at Woodberry Kitchen, 5-10 minutes north of Mt. Vernon on I-83N. Great food to accommodate all diets/preferences and lovely brunch ambience.
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The menu at Miss Shirley's caters both to vegetarians and omnivores. They'll be crowded, but the Bloody Marys are amazing.

Welcome to Baltimore!
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I doubt you can get a reservation at woodberry tomorrow, I've had to book days or even weeks in advance for sunday brunch, and when I tried to get sunday reservations on thu. I couldn't get anything (maybe walking in is possible, it's true I haven't ever actually tried that). It is really good though.

I'm partial to the brunch at one world.
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Try brunch at Gertrude's at the Baltimore Museum of Art. It's just a short drive up Charles St. from Mount Vernon.

N.B.: It's homecoming weekend at Johns Hopkins, so seating might be in short supply.
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Seconding Miss Shirley's. They have two locations; one by the Inner Harbor and one north of downtown in Roland Park. If you go to the one in Roland Park, it is practically around the corner from the best children's bookstore I've ever been in. Seriously, the staff have read at least half their inventory, and always come up with perfect suggestions for the nieces and nephews.

FYI, since you're here for a couple of weeks, the only place I've found to get good NYC style breakfast sandwiches is Towson Hot Bagels. Unfortunately their coffee needs work.

Further unsolicited Baltimore advice: the one thing I tell everybody to do when visiting Baltimore is go to the American Visionary Arts Museum. Even if you two aren't into art, it is probably the most unique major art museum in the country. For example, next weekend is their annual Kinetic Sculpture Race, whch I believe Metafilter's own sonascope participates in.
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If you go to Miss Shirley's go before 10:00 unless you don't mind waiting a long time. They don't do reservations.

AVAM has a quite good restaurant that does a great brunch: Mr. Rain's Fun House.

Golden West just a couple exits up 83 in Hampden would fit the criteria for both eggs and more savory stuff like beans. Bonus criterion you didn't mention: hipster waiters make for good people watching.
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In Mt. Vernon you have Marie Louise Bistro and City Cafe. City Cafe has amazing bloodys.
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I'm just here to second One World.
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So, where did you go?
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Response by poster: Ok, so, I think that posting questions like this is a surefire way for me to not actually follow through on seemingly awesome plans. We overslept.

We will definitely try out one or more of these places the weekend after this when she comes back down here. They all look great- thanks everyone!
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haha ok. Since you do have some advance notice now I'll change my rec. to Asherah's -- try to get a reservation at woodberry kitchen.
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