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I'm looking for personal trainer & weight loss coach recommendations in the Seattle area. Help me, please!

My boyfriend has been struggling with losing weight for several years and he could really use some extra help. He's active and has no trouble walking miles and miles, but changing his diet and lifestyle permanently has been difficult.
For reference he's in his mid-20's, 5'10" and about 250lbs.
I'd like to pay for a trainer or coach of some kind to help him out. (Of course, I'd discuss this with him beforehand.)
I have zero experience with this stuff, but I'd like this trainer to work out a diet, schedule of exercise and target weight, and then help him stick to it by working out with him a few times a week, etc. I was thinking of buying a few months of appointments at 2 or 3 times a week to start.
We're on the east side but commuting into Seattle is no problem.
Hit me with your recommendations and advice, please!
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If he wants help with diet, I'd recommend getting a referral from his doctor to a registered dietitian. There's no reason to think that a personal trainer who doesn't have a degree in nutrition or dietetics will be qualified to help with diet. So I'd have him start with his doctor to get a recommendation for a professional who can help with that. That person might also be able to recommend a personal trainer if he wants someone to work with him at the gym.
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Tim Koffler Fitness
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Response by poster: Decathecting, thanks for the advice, I hadn't thought about a dietitian. One snag is that we don't have a regular doctor you have any recommendations?
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