Looking for a meditation radio show
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Looking for a meditation radio show

I know this is a real long shot. It used to be on itunes but I can’t find it now that my system has been upgraded. The station just played a lot of long, rambling, monologues by just one guy about spirituality, meditation, etc. I checked his website once too. I’m pretty sure he was in California. I know there was a photo of him that showed he had a beard. He’s in his 30’s I think. If anyone knows who I’m talking about, let me know.
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I came here to mention the Audio Dharma podcast but I realize you're looking for an iTunes station. Still, you might enjoy it. It's based out of California.
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Robert Jackson - A Quiet Mind?
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The only meditation / Buddhism podcast I have followed on iTunes is Buddhist Geeks. I don't know if the current or former hosts of that have actual beards, though they might be a little stubbly in that hipster kind of way, so it might be this not what you were thinking of.
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This does not sound like a meditation radio show (Ideally those would be silent!) but more like some guy's wandering spiritual/introspection podcast. Without more details, could it have been LifeZero? He wasn't particularly rambly when I listened though.

Consider Buddhist Geeks seconded.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone, I finally found it on itunes http://selfawareness.com/

I don't actually do a whole lot of meditation, but I find the voice Steven S. Sadleir to be very relaxing to listen to.

But thanks for all the good tips. I've listened to Robert Jackson and Alan Watts before.
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