How can I make calls on my android without using up my minutes, via siproid or google voice?
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How can I make calls on my android without using up my minutes, via sipdroid and/or google voice?

I have the Virgin Mobile Optimus V, $25 a month plan. This includes 300 free minutes, but unlimited data over 3G network. I am trying to somehow use sipdroid/google voice, or even skype to make free/super cheap calls without using up my Virgin Mobile 300 minutes a month.

You used to be able to use pbxes somehow I think, but I am pretty sure they stopped doing that.

Does anyone know how I can set something up that currently works?

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I can't tell if you're planning on using wifi to do this or not. That's usually how people do it. I have it set up (with vastly varying degrees of call quality) and I kind of described the process here.

If you're not planning on using wifi, I don't think that's going to work very well. Reception on 3G is uniformly horrible and un-understandable, for me. Maybe you'll get lucky.
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Response by poster: I was intending on using 3G, but I can try wi-fi. I just assumed 3G would be better I guess.
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I used sipdroid on my Nexus One for a while and thought the call quality over 3G (and connection realiability) were subpar. However, it can be done and it may work out for you. I was using Gizmo5 as my PBX, but Google shut them down. I suspect there are guides on the net that will show you how to sign up for the new hotness.

However, you may also want to check out Skype. The latest supports voice over 3G and is I suspect easier to set up than Sipdroid + a gateway.
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A friend of mine is using smslisto
Once you buy some credit you can make international calls. But as long as you have some credit US calls are free.
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Response by poster: Yes I am willing to root my phone.
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