Which are the Best iTunes Radio Stations?
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iTunes radio listeners: What do you like?

I pretty much forgot that iTunes had a "radio" section until recently. I see it's got a lot more stations than when last I checked. Which is great, but I'm probably not going to get to check them all out. Anyone have any suggestions? I'm pretty open, so any musical genres are fine, and non-music is alright as well.

(I'm aware of Pandora and all, just checking in on what's cool on this platform)
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CBC Radio 3 is pretty great. It's a good mix of stuff from a bunch of genres and has introduced me to lots of excellent new music.
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I often listen to "Indie Pop Rocks! from SomaFM," which you can find under the Alternative Rock category. No talk, just recent indie rock/pop that and a few classics mixed in. Primarily upbeat, but not distracting, so it makes good work background music.
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Eclectic/KEXP Live

Their best show is 6 a.m.–10 a.m. Pacific Time.
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I find all of the SomaFM stations to be pretty great work music (on headphones) and have recently really been enjoying deepGroove Radio from the Electronica section (although if you don't enjoy deep/latin/groovy house you probably won't like it).
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drone zone.
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WW07 90.7 FM

New Orleans jazz
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KCRW - Eclectic
I use at work & need a few new suggestions myself......lots are listed but they are not always active.
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"Groove Salad" when i'm at my computer and writing or programming. If I listen to something with lyrics, my brain gets distracted and wants to sing along.
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FWIW, I haven't made it through all the stations in most of the categories below, but these are the ones I find myself coming back to (internet radio on Itunes is amazing!):

Under the "Electronica" category:

- di.fm trance

- di.fm techno

- pure.fm progressive

- pure.fm trance

(pretty much any of the stations from either service in this category, depending on your tastes)

Under "70s retro":

- absolute 70s pop (1.fm) (sometimes)

- disco ball (1.fm)

- all hit 70s (sky.fm)

- radioio 70s pop

- radioio 70s rock

- radioio disco hits

(although these come through at 64k, which causes some distortion, depending on your speaker set up, sometimes noticeable)

"80s Flashback":

- radioio 80s new wave

- radioio 80s pop

- radioio 80s rock

- all euro 80s (1.fm) (kinda a crap shoot sometimes)

(same audio issues on occasion)


- kcsm/jazz 91.1

With most all these, it's the same basic formula: not a lot of talk/commercials/distraction, decent ratio of good stuff to annoying junk, and reasonable variety over the day and week, without too much repetition, etc.
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Far and away my favorite and a huge part of my listening life is Radio Paradise, under eclectic.
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Boot Liquor
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I like WIUX student radio out of Indiana University mostly because they stream at 320 kbps and I really like high quality streams. I also like radioparadise.com . The 192 kbps mp3 stream is listenable within iTunes.
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Pig Radio - electronic music and indie pop
Radio Deliro - French jazz, blues, and pop

Not sure what heading those are under, as I'm away from my iTunes at the moment.
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Seconding Soma Radio; specifically Secret Agent and Illinois Street Lounge.
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Eclectic/Radio Paradise (playlist)
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For '80s music, Radio Nigel
For rap and funk, WeFunk
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Radio Paradise.
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Dynamic Range Radio
(both under 'eclectic')
Late mix by Vmix.fm (jazz)
WGBH (classical)
Most of the Soma stations

Itunes radio is great, just "flip the dial" and keep trying new stuff!
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Response by poster: Thanks to one and all!
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Almost all college radio DJs are volunteering their time because they love music (there's a small minority of college DJs that just like to hear their voice on the radio). The random mix you get from satellite radio and other shuffled music folders sucks compared the passion of a real person. But, it all depends on the DJ so you need to have several stations to choose from. Probably 75% of college DJs are great, but the other 25% are pure shit. Luckily, there's a bunch of stations to choose from:

-Cal Berkeley's station.
KDVS -UC Davis
KFJC -foothill college. Hit or miss. They really like noise.
KZSU Stanford
KCEA radio from the '20s - 50's

Warning for weekends: college radio loves shitty reggae Sat-Sun.
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