Gift for MPH Grad
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Your best ideas for a graduation gift for my sister-in-law who is getting her Master of Public Health next week.

We want to get her a useful, appropriate, maybe job related or maybe life related gift. When her brother started medical school we got him a littmann stethoscope and pen light with his name engraved. She does not know what or where her next job will be - but her area of specialty is reproductive health. And she does not have a lot of money - so is there a secret awesome MPH gift (book, tool, etc) or is a gift certificate to the local co-op or a restaurant better.
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Is she tending towards research or practice?
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An engraved plaque for her office door that says "Staph only". Sorry couldnt resist.
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Ask her what she wants. Buy her that.
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Best answer: Does she like board games? They're cheap entertainment. Give her Pandemic. I'm posting from my phone so providing a link is awkward. If you're not already familiar with it, Pandemic pits the players (as CDC staff, each with different abilities) against four viruses through cooperative game play. It is awesome.
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Plus 1 for ask her what she wants. Or ask the family if there's anything she's been hinting at.

Failing that, a generous gift card to a place you know she likes to shop, bonus points if it's a place where she can assemble a 'professional' wardrobe - which means slightly different things in different work places.
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Whatever else you may get her, add a GIANT Microbe into the mix!

My husband and I both work in academic settings and so are at higher risks for things like the flu and colds. He gave me the Common Cold as a part of a Christmas gift and said, "This way you can tell everyone you already have one and don't need theirs." I have yet to bring it in to my desk, but it's awesome.

(But if she doesn't have a sense of humor, then I suppose this may not work....)
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Almost done with my MPH here (three weeks left!). For the nerdy, useful gift, I'd consider getting her a membership to one of the professional associations if she doesn't have that already (e.g., American Public Health Association). Depending on when you purchase it, you may be able to get her a student membership. The benefit of becoming a member is access to the journal, reduced conference registration fees, and tons of information about the field/organization.

Then I'd go out and get her something else entirely frivolous and celebratory :)
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