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After fourteen years of being being in the same position/job I may be moving on by October or earlier. During this time most of my networks have dried up/disappeared. Looking for sites online where I can brainstorm entrepreneurial, creative, occupational ideas and possibilities.

I have used brainstorming to great advantage in the past. Although I have a few friends who I might do this with, most of the conversations end up in "you should", which doesn't go anywhere with me. Is there someplace similar to AskMeFi, where I can brainstorm possibilities and ideas with very smart people? Not looking for career counseling.
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This sounds like a good project. memail if you want to talk about this further.

Just flipping through What Color is your Parachute suggested that one career path was using split careers, which really helped me as I try to get a job as a librarian, make salable woodworking projects, become one of the masters of the universe and be a stay at home dad.

Use your own networks too. I put out a resume request on facebook and one of the most unlikely friends was the most helpful in helping me rewrite my resume. I haven't had a kick in the ass like that in a while, and it helped for about two weeks.
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I've found the Brazen Careerist online community to be a good place for connecting with entrepreneurial people and getting/sharing new ideas.

Good luck with your new adventure!
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