Seeking archival professional laundry in Houston, Texas
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Do you have a recommendation for a trusted laundry in Houston who can clean treasured linens, quilts, and hand-knits and -crochets and wrap them with archival paper?

In sorting through the belongings of a loved one, we've come to realize that she had an extensive collection of fine linen and silk tablecloths, napkins, and hankies, as well as hand-pieced quilts and crocheted lace tablecloths and crocheted and knitted blankets and afghans.

These things have been in a dusty and smoky environment for some years, and they need to be cleaned properly and wrapped in such a way so that the silk doesn't shatter along the creases, for example. I think we might need professional help with this.

We don't necessarily want to put everything in archival boxes like you would do with a wedding dress, but I would like to find a cleaner who can be trusted with cleaning such treasures and who could wrap paper into it to ease stress on the fold lines so that we can box it up ourselves for storage. We would also like someone trustworthy who isn't going to charge a huge amount per piece, since there are many, many items to be cleaned.

The items are in the Houston, Texas area, but if you know of someone even better in the Austin area, we can take them there.
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Best answer: You could try calling museums in the area that have textile collections and asking who they use.
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Best answer: My mom (a sewer/quilter) recommends Twin Oak Cleaners -- they have been operating for over half a century in the River Oaks area. They're not cheap, but if they can't provide the services you need, they'll be able to tell you who can.
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