Awesome Android themes?
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Anyone know any cool kickass Android phone themes that are really well designed?
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I like the paperless system theme. It's got a hand drawn look, though I could see one getting bored of it.
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I prefer to 'make' my own themes'. I use Launcher pro, grouped with Beautiful Widgets and the Flickie wallpaper app. Add in Clockr and I'm able to change up everything about the appearance of my Android. I pick all the design details of the clock, download weather, battery and calendar skins for the widgets and coordinated all these to whatever wallpaper I choose. Launcher pro also allows for changing the icons and dock very easily so it brings themeing to a higher level than just a packaged look from the ADW launcher.
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are you rooted? On a Rom?
Are you using LauncherPro, ADW Launder (or the paid versions of either?)
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I stumbled across and have found it to be an amazing source for well-designed themes.
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Response by poster: I'm rooted.
posted by antgly at 9:45 PM on April 18, 2011

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