What are your top 5 (Google) Android Apps?
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What are your top 5 Android Apps?

So, I decided to buck the trend a buy an Android device (HTC Magic).

With Metafilter being v. iPhone-centric I thought I'd bring something different to the table.

My answer (so far):

1. last.fm (to be replaced by Spotify when it's launched)
2. Astrid (gtd software)
3. TasKiller (task manager)
4. ShopSavvy (barcode product search)
5. Google Maps
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Shazam, Sherpa, SnapTell, Google Maps, Weatherbug.
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Hmmm... in no particular order: Calorie Counter, Google Maps, nesoid/snesoid, Cardio Trainer, SMS popup (though it's less of an app in the sense that it just kind of runs in the background).

I've been meaning to try locale too but I just haven't gotten around to setting it up yet.
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1) Twidroid Pro (Best Android Twitter client, there is a free version [Twidroid] that is fucking awesome also, I just wanted to support the dev.)
2) BeyondPod (Podcast/RSS catcher)
3) OpenHome (Theme manager)
4) ASTRO (File manager, a MUST HAVE)
5) SCUMMVM (Yes, someone made SCUMMVM for Android, and it's awesome, though it might be difficult without a keyboard. I know the dev is working on some sort of solution, though.)

Have fun! Android is a phenomenal OS!
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Arnold Sounds. GET TO THE CHOPPER!

Not serious, really. But I know the authors, and they're great people. Myself, I pretty much only use the standard applications. Plus some weather application, don't remember which. And Sky Map, to impress people.
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Not a top 5, but I just found out about MyMaps, which is a Google app that loads up the maps you've made in your Google account. I can't tell you why this needs to be in a separate app, but it's pretty awesome nonetheless.
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1. ConnectBot - SSH client (also includes access to the local terminal)
2. Google Maps (and Latitude would be great if other people used it, but they don't)
3. Barcode Scanner - scans all kinds of barcodes
4. Any Cut - lets you put shortcuts to stuff on the home screen
5. Labyrinth Lite - fun game (the full version disappeared and never came back)

Also my friend Jay made Cyrket which is a web based way to browse the market. You can use Barcode Scanner to get to the apps in the market on the phone from your computer screen.
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In no particular order:

1) Lexic (simple but stupidly adictive wordplay).
2) Flashlight (does what it says on the tin, great for not stepping on snails in the garden).
3) Voice Recorder
4) Skymap (just ridiculously cool)
5) Anywhere GPS text (with long and latt inputs - great for geocaching with OS maps).
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Not an app per say, but installing Cyanogen was the best thing I could do for my Android phone.

Stock Android is slow. Annoying slow in some cases. Possibly because it's only running at 384mhz on the G1/Dream. Installing Cyanogen lets the OS use the full clock speed (528mhz) and seriously feels 2-3x faster.

I've been using it for a few weeks and haven't noticed any difference in battery drain. It's also very stable, just as or more stable than the official firmware.

Cyanogen Mod
How to root/install custom firmware
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I'm quite fond of FBReader for reading eBooks. And as far as I can tell, Babbler is the best standalone Facebook App. Google's podcasting program, Listen, is also worth a look.

Also, previously.
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I like chompSMS (messaging) and my game of the week is Hyperspace. Although I just rooted my G1 phone with cyanogen's ROM and have noticed a definite difference in response time.
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yes, yes, Yes, YES! After over a year of watching, I'm probably* taking the Anroid plunge in November, after the carriers get a few more models out in October (e.g. HTC Hero). I'm looking forward to investigating these recommendations then.

* I'm still considering Palm Pre, mostly because I'm a diehard Palm PDA fan. DateBk5, I luv u.
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Seconding wongcorgi — I had resisted doing any super geeky things like installing Cyanogen Mod because, well, the name is insanely dorky and I figured "this is the kind of thing an Ubuntu user would do". But it turns out it's just a process of downloading a file, putting it onto an SD card, and then holding a button down while I booted up the phone. After I was done, the difference in the experience of using the phone was night and day, and it comes bundled with a bunch of nice apps, too.
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Thirding the Cyanogen recommendation. I installed JesusFreke's rom back when it was sort of a pain to do so, and switched to Cyanogen's last week, and the phone is much faster and more stable. Happy to answer any questions/walk through the process if you need help, just MeMail. (I've done it for myself and a couple of friends.)

In terms of apps:

1. RingToggle (Fast switcher between ring profiles. I used to like Useful Switchers, but the Power Management widget that's part of Cyan's rom replaces most of this functionality.)
2. Euchre (CPU logic isn't perfect, but recent updates have brought it pretty close.)
3. ConnectBot (SSH)
4. Wifi Tether for Root Users (Tethering. Dead simple. (Requires root, such as Cyan's rom.))
5. Steel (Alternate browser app. Some hate, some love. I find it to be faster and easier to configure. Downsides: Bookmarks don't seem to be identifiable for shortcuts, doesn't keep History.)
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Google Listen (podcast player)
Google Voice
Armadillo Roll (game)
Rise & Shine (replacement alarm clock)
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See also this old Android thread.
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Response by poster: Hey guys, don't know if any of you are still around, but three days ago I found http://www.aldiko.com/.

Almost definitively the best ereader.
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I'm still around. I agree with Aldiko being the best ebook reader. Twidroid is great. Also use Dolphin Browser, Touchdown, K9 Email, AndExplorer, Handcent SMS, BeyondPod, World Weather widget, Mippin's Battery Status widget, OI Shopping List, Craigslist Notification, Note Me and.. wow, that's more than 5.
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