Rec me current Droid apps?
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Essential or interesting Droid apps since August 2009?

I have a brand new Droid Eris and the last Droid apps question was in August. Assume I've gone through that thread.

If you have a Droid, what apps are you finding useful, interesting, and/or fun since then?
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Did Pandora come out since then? Pandora.

Kayak has an android app if you're interested in searching for airfares or tracking flight status. Many features are REAL SOON NOW though, like alerts, which would be very cool.

Google Goggles is new and fun although not perfect.

Yelp has an adroid app now, again not sure exactly when they published it.

If you don't like Twidroid there's a version of Seesmic for Android now too.
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This is goofy, but I've been having a good (if somewhat clunky) time playing NetHack on my Eris.

If you're musically inclined you may also like gStrings, a tuner which also has pitch pipe functionality.
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Got a Droid in November and here's the apps I find myself using the most: -- always streaming radio in the car and now canceling Sirius because of that.
Google Listen -- great to subscribe to and automatically download podcasts. Always have new content on my phone.
Foursquare - location based social networking is actually fun with my friends
ConnectBot - great SSH client, if you have a need for that
SMSpopup - popup preview of incoming SMS messages, very helpful.
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I recently got a HTC Magic, so I'm interested in the results to this question as well. I have no idea if these have been released since August of last year, but heres what I enjoy on my phone:

GPS Status
My Tracks
Places Directory
Dolphin Browser
SMS Popup
The Rounded Labs Widgets for Ringer, Wifi, Bluetooth etc

In games, I like Bonsai Blast, Friction Mobile, Bebbled, Graviturn.

I haven't paid for any apps yet, mainly because theres so many and its hard to sort the chaff.

I tried nethack but it was a bit too clunky for me.
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@dorque: Heh. I'm totally addicted to Nethack on my Droid.

Fandango's android app just dropped a couple of weeks ago.
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Places Directory is very good and sometimes works better than the search on Maps for some reason. A definite must-have.
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I've had a great time reading some of the Project Gutenberg books with Aldiko. Partly because the "free book" thing speaks to me, and partly because if I'm going to reread something it's likely to be an old favorite like Sherlock Holmes stories or one of Austen's works. There's a pay version of it, but I've been happy with the free one so far. Also it's perfect for those moments where you suddenly find yourself waiting in a long line.

News-wise I've also been using NPR News and AP Mobile. So far for other news sites it seems easier just to look up on the web rather than use an app.

Also agreeing on Places Directory, LastFM, Pandora and Yelp.

Now I have to go try all these other recommendations!
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Timeriffic. Aldiko. Astrid. MoreIcons Widget. Netmeter. OSMonitor. GentleAlarm. K9 email. Supatimer. OI Shopping List. Swype. Craigsnotify. BeyondPod. World Forecast Clock widget. Bloo. Twidroid. Note Me. Aloqa. AndExplorer. Internal Memory widget. Cache Manager.

All running under OpenHome.

Far as I've seen all the games are crap by comparison with the iPhone offerings. Still a long way to go. But the productivity stuff is just incredible.
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I just got a Droid, and it's grand fun. I'm glad that there are the above suggestions, but has anyone found an iPod Brush-like app?

In my quick look around, some folks prefer Handcent over SMS Popup. I installed it, but haven't used it yet.
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For simplicity, previously, with links further back in the first comment.
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