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I have a 1099-MISC for a job I did in Florida, early 2010. I then moved to Virginia for a new job mid-2010, for which I have a W2. I am using tax software (TurboTax or HR Block) and when my federal tax return info transfers to my state, my Florida income is taken into account on my Virginia tax return. What do I do?

After filing my federal return, can I just fill out another without the 1099-MISC and use that for Virginia? Will that cause problems? Is my Virginia return going to have my federal return info on it? Or is my Florida income supposed to be taken into account? Help would be appreciated.

This is my first time doing taxes and yes I probably should have talked to an accountant
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IANAA, but I'm in the same situation, and couldn't get any software to deal with it appropriately. I ended up just filing on paper for both states, which made everything much simpler. (Or, at least, it made me feel more confident that everything was being done correctly.) Unless your taxes are so prohibitively complicated that paper filing really isn't an option for you, it may be worth a shot.
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Virginia compares what you report to them with the federal return you file. They will contact you to resolve any issues (i.e. hello, audit! If you do get audited, drive to Richmond to get it resolved. Although they claim they need 4-5 days to process any faxes/get them into the system before they can act, they lost every single fax I sent. I showed up in the office, and got it resolved in 24 hours. The ladies who work there are really nice, helpful people who appreciate courtesy and calmness. They're also overworked.)

I'm not sure what to tell you, so I'd suggest giving the Virginia tax folks a call. They'd rather help you do it right now, than fix it in the future.

Va Dept of Taxation contact numbers


According to this:
Filing as a part-year resident: A part-year resident usually files as such on Form 760PY. You must prorate your personal exemptions and standard deduction. A subtraction is allowed for non-Virginia income.
That sounds like it's going to be your best bet. If picking part-time resident in your tax software doesn't result in this, I'd download the forms and do them by hand.
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The TurboTax help site says you need to look for the apportionment schedule.
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I moved to Virginfan in the middle of the year and therefore had to deal with this exact thing (but with W-2s only). The best thing to do is do the VA taxes on paper, unless they have an online version through the state now. You need the "Part-Year/Non-Resident" form. Linky here.IIRC, they ask you to add up ALL of your income, then you divide it up based on the percentage of time you spent in each state. For me it came out as if I was paying VA tax only on the income from VA but they have a backasswards way of doing it.
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I moved to *Virginia*....stupid iPad keyboard!
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Response by poster: Very helpful info everyone. Thanks to each of you.
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