AT&T U-Verse Set Up
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AT&T U-Verse internet set up help needed. Reading the quick set up guide provided by AT&T is not really helping.

With my current TimeWarner Roadrunner set up, I have the cable from the outside world running into my Roadrunner modem then going into my Ooma device then going into my wireless router. I have my laptop, netbook and desktop glomming bandwidth wirelessly and have my Blu-Ray device physically hooked up to the wireless router. Can I just have my U-Verse hooked up the same way?
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So uverse has a bigger "modem" which handles pretending to be a phone switch as well as being a DSL modem and a wired/wireless router. So the modem & router are just one box. Other than that, there should be no problem.
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AH. I have recently become an expert in this!

Okay, so, if you have questions, email me (in my profile; I don't check MeMail that often).

You will find that, YES, you can do this. But most of us find that we have to turn off the wireless distribution on the U-Verse modem. (You basically can't have two things sending out the Wifi, obvs.)

This is fairly easy to do, but it's also easy to break everything repeatedly. Most often you'll have an IP address problem.

There's also a great message board for uverse users, which is, go figure, I relied upon it heavily while setting up Uverse with my own wireless system. It's not something AT&T is going to help you with, believe me!
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Best answer: I am a network engineer and have AT&T U-Verse at home, using basically your desired configuration.

In the 2wire box provided by AT&T, change the firewall settings to DMZPlus mode. That will essentially pass your external IP address on to your phone system and router. You'll also want to disable all wireless in the 2wire, as RJ Reynolds noted.

Also, you may need to reconfigure the IP scheme, in one of the two routers. It's usually easiest to change the 2wire to a gateway, and leave your other wireless router as a (I'm assuming here) network.

The physical wiring will be exactly how you had it previously, just swap your old modem for the 2wire.

This really is easier than it sounds. I'd be glad to help via email - shoot me a note.
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Response by poster: Well, I certainly don't want to break everything, much less break everything repeatedly.
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Best answer: What cp7 said. And, to initially access the 2wire residential gateway config page, go to this address:

You can then change its IP and switch off its wireless as necessary.
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Response by poster: I assume that I should have my wireless router shut off when I do that, thewildgreen?
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Yes, you might need to turn off your own wifi router, connect your PC to the 2Wire gateway/router directly via an ethernet cable and then go to the address.
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Response by poster: Thanks guys. The Ooma and the old wireless network seem to be working with the 2Wire box just fine. So far anyway.
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