Is Mickey Mouse really making swiss cheese with his penis in this clip?
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Is Mickey Mouse really making swiss cheese with his penis?

Is this clip real? Or is this some DIY Rule 35 level shit? I have the feeling that someone made this at home and then passed it off as real.

It apparently comes from Reddit and lifted from

It seems like there's no consensus on weather it's real or not. So, hivemind, what do we think?
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There are a lot of classic studio "after hours" animations out there, some way raunchier than this.
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Really? Can you share those?
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B3ta is a website for sharing comedy images you have made. This is a spoof.
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Certainly a fake - the particular poses have been lifted from Steamboat Willie:

Mickey whistling: 0:35
Peg-leg Pete frowning: 0:54
Parrot laughing: 1:27
Minnie cranking: 4:32
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Other hints that point towards a b3ta spoof: it says drimblE AT b3TA on the staircase, and the poster at the back says HSE REGS.
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Yes, there is real silent-era porn out there.

Par exemple: This was made for a fellow cartoonist's birthday party in 1929.
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It was the equivalent of an FPP on b3ta last week during a round of cheese inspired photoshopping.
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